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About Security on the Internet

Anyone who has been on the internet long enough knows, it is very difficult to prove who you are when you want to. There are so many parody accounts, spammers, and others who want to pretend to be someone.

Well, I've taken steps to defend against that. If you are seeing this message, you have followed one of my many links to my signature page. This page has been digitally signed with my private key that only I control certifying that these services, sites, and social media belong to me.

To help mitigate all that trouble, I have created a digital signature to prove I own it. The easiest way is to head on over to and paste my digital fingerprint in the profile section to bring up my information.

My Digital Fingerprint is...


You can go to Keyoxide and paste the digital finger print to see what my certified identities are!

If you are familiar with security and want to see all the proofs, you can do so by following the two links below. One goes to a message digitally signed with the same information and the other is to my public key to compare it with.


Public Key