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That would be a life saver. I dunno how I would function without my coffee. Jokes aside, I appreciate you visiting this page, even if you were just checking it out. I have a few different avenues for people both those casual internet users and the hard core crypto fans. If you want to buy me a coffee, please choose the one you prefer the most!

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Bitcoin (BTC) bc1q38r4q3z4g3fkmx8t95pvdek59l848tz0d2kgpf
Etherium (ETH) 0x21D5AA37366C3d21C1d4727387C5101837a1Ae8f
Chia(XCH) xch1umgz7g7n006kuvyuxxjwww27pp87t4vmqtrfv4u5rxvjexlmvnyqrd36ar
Monero(XMR) 4BBDPvGzdqgWbDAoREM2E7LZexPaqfu1k7fK6CA3bXkgUmTD2EPXqHyJMTnCM5nh9CNMzXv8Hn8fiKpBRNoDQcyaKAr2TpK
Gatehub (XRPL) rHaVFEvpEkQv1spLTMqXC6oMBbDPAk75od