Yes, in the spirit of a podcast that I did, I am making myself available to review your books! There is not enough help out there when it comes for indie authors to try and get an honest opinion of their work.

Now, I do have a few rules if you want me to read your book and leave a review:

  • I only review indie author and self published works.
  • I do not accept payment for reviews to preserve the integrity of the review process (with one exception in regards to advanced copies below).
  • I will review your book honestly. You get a one star review, that’s it. You’re not going to change my mind.
  • I have no time limit to get the review done (again barring advanced copies as mentioned below).
  • I will review all genres except Erotica. The majority I have inflicted on myself (and it’s a very small portion) were just porn wrapped up in a semblance of story. If you feel your story is not like that and still falls in this genre, you’re still free to contact me. Just know you’re at a disadvantage and you’ll need to convince me your story is different.

Advanced Copies

There is only one area that I charge and that is for advanced copies. These are time sensitive and it will require me to move my review and writing schedule around to accommodate. Because of the time sensitive nature, I charge a nominal fee of $10.00 USD to cover the fact I’m bumping another writer’s book and the fact that I may have to move around a freelance project.

Paying the fee DOES NOT guarantee you a good review. It guarantees that your review will be posted within your deadline. If you get a review that you don’t like, I’m sorry but the fee will have zero effect on my consideration.

Please do not feel you have to pay to get read. If you’re accepted, you will definitely get a review and within a decent amount of time. Right now it looks to be 2 weeks for medium sized books.