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Many of us read books, not knowing that the person who wrote the story often took a long period of time crafting even a single page. This is especially true when it comes to action scenes. Being able to convey the excitement of an action scene while still being able to tell the story can be harder than people think. This is most noticeable when an author chooses to insert a car chase into their book. The following list entails some of the things to keep in mind when writing such a scene. 


When it comes to fast areas of your book, such as a car chase, pacing is a key element that can make or break the scene. Although things within the story are happening at a fast pace, that does not mean your writing should be short. Through the chase, you still want to keep the story going, what the characters are thinking, the locations involved, etc. On the other hand, a car chase shouldn’t go page after page. Making the scene too long exhausts the excitement of the situation. The excitement, risk, and overall story of the moment have been completely lost. 

Good Research 

Understandably, most of your readers won’t be experts in the field of cars, tires, and streets, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your research. As the saying goes, think outside of the box. This means understanding enough about how cars function, how cars break, and how physics affect cars in motion in order to illustrate a realistic scenario. Understand and implement different types of car crashes to add danger and intensity to the chase scene. 

The Five Senses 

The point of an action scene within your book isn’t only to progress the story but also make the reader feel a part of the situation. This means tapping into their sensory memories in order for them to get the food picture. This would mean mentioning the wind racing against the body of the car, the smell of burning tires, the loud sound that the tires make when they screech during every turn. Remembering to implement the five senses can truly make your scene and allow the reader to feel motivated to keep reading. 

Writing a book is a long process, but with the right information, research, and execution, anyone can write one. Simply adhere to the suggestions listed above, and you’ll no doubt be able to write a compelling and exciting car chase scene for your book.

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