After going through everything that survived and what I want to do, I’ve finally got my new release schedule put together. Here is what I plan to do for the next six months.

  • March: Star Traveler: Atlas Gambit (#3)
  • April: Ashwood Falls: Benjamin
  • May: The Bastion at the Edge of the Universe
  • June: Return to the Center of the Earth
  • July: Unannounced Novella
  • August: Unannounced Novella

Where were the two unannounced books I mentioned back in this article? Cause the unannounced ones above are different. For those who are in the newsletter (cause I always announce the books there), they were the new Itet Duology, a first-person story about a man who encounters an ancient Egyptian Priestess and Return to the Center of the Earth, my delve into a new classic/original blend I hope to do more of.

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