Apocalypse Orphan (The Fractured Earth Saga Book 1)Apocalypse Orphan by Tim Allen
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Thanks to the great people at Book Tasters, I was given a copy of Apocalypse Orphan by Tim Allen to read and review. Suffice to say there were a lot of ups and down about this book that I’m going to cover. First though, one of the biggest things I wanted to note is how much work the author put into a 100,000 plus book, and it shows.

The World Building was Wonderful
It has been a long time since a book pulled me into the world especially with what was pretty much along prolog to the main story. Without giving too much away, the description of Earth several hundred thousand years later after an asteroid impact was quite catching and opened my imagination to a lot. Being able to explore the world was quite a fun part of the book.

I actually closed my eyes and stopped reading to see if I could imagine the destroyed Earth that was healing itself and the new mini-world orbiting it. The descriptive ability of Tim Allen is quite strong.

Everything was fun until the Characters
Not to sound harsh but the hardest part of the book was the characters. The novel struggled when it came to giving characters that I could care about as the main hero was so perfect that there was no way to relate to him and no weakness.

I had a hard time keeping my interest and only found the computer that is featured to be of interest, but even that felt like it was following a stereotype instead of being a full character.

There are also a quite a few plot holes about how an entire civilization couldn’t advanced technology but less than two years come up with interplanetary travel and not giving the hero any real weaknesses.

The Author Does have Potential
My review is on the work itself and not that of the author. I think he has a lot of potential and working on plot holes and making better characters is a firm step towards producing a solid story and making it better.

I actually will be looking for his next book, so I can keep up and see what type of work he does next.

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