My new book Jassik Creed & The Meek Prince will be the last book I will be uploading to This tickled the back of my mind for a while, but after several infuriating attempts to get my book on to their market, I’m fed up with them and will no longer be using their services. Let me explain.

I will also be discussing a different platform that I am going to, and it might sound like product placement, but it isn’t. I’m seriously pissed with the struggle I have gone through.

At first, Smashwords was great.

If you’re like me, I have been using Smashwords for a while now. The time that I started using them, they were an easy program to use compared to the hoops you had to jump with Amazon. Since then, I have grown to learn that my E-books need to be spread around to multiple stores so that it has the most extensive audience. Smashwords was excellent at that.

Recent years though, many other companies have entered the market trying to bring more convenient methods of getting nice looking e-books, and Smashwords has slowly fallen behind in technology.

Ridiculous Style Guide that is Outdated

When preparing a book, the first thing you have read is their style guide. This 117-page manual is filled with all the steps and processes you need to convert your document over to something that their website can read and convert into multiple formats.

At the time that I seriously got into the writing business, I was more than happy to take the time to work and get my book to the point that it could be converted into the many formats that this site provided.

In 2017, I was introduced Draft2digital that completely changed my outlook. Here is what you have to do for Smashwords

Smashwords Start to Finish

  • Format the document by the style guide.
  • Upload the book to be converted. Must be a .doc (Word 97-2003 version)
  • Pass the autovetters.
  • Pass the manual vetters.
  • Re-format the book until it meets the criteria put forward to get into the premium catalog.
  • Release book to be distributed to 15 different book distributors.

Draft2Digital Start to Finish

  • Format book by merely adding headers (h1 in Word)
  • Upload book & Cover. (Can take epub or the brand new .docx version of Word)
  • Choose layout.
  • Distribute to 9 distributors automatically, BUT you can add up to 28 stores.

I have been fighting to get my book up on Smashwords for 4 days now, and I had a lovely copy of my e-book on Draft2digital in ten minutes.

No Time to play Stupid Formatting Games

When I was younger, I was single, in the military and had ample time off duty to do all this stuff but now that my writing has taken off, I am producing more books, and I have a wife and children, I don’t have time to play stupid games with my files. Though Draft2Digital is still new and doesn’t have the outreach that Smashwords does, the ease that I can not only get my book done but have ONE link that displays ALL the stores so you can choose your favorite completely outweighs any advantage that Smashwords have.

I’m Done.

I know I am coming off a lot harsher than I usually do but after the fifth message that my book is not formatted and THEY chose to push off my release date because it didn’t fit THEIR opinion of being ready was enough for me to throw in the towel and quit using their service.

Jassik Creed & The Meek Prince WILL be released on February 1st, 2018 as I have promise for the last six months but you will not get a link to Smashwords like I used to, but you will get a draft2digital Universal Book link. This will let you choose whatever store YOU want without all the hassle of registering an account.

Sorry Smashwords, I actually don’t have time for you anymore. This is my break up letter. Until you make it easier for your users, I won’t be using you as my primary platform.

Have your own opinions on Smashwords for or against? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! Want to keep up with more of my rantings and stories, you can do so by joining my free newsletter. Promise, no spam.

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