Books for a writerBy most standards, I am not a successful writer. That sounds like a depressing way to start an author blog but bear with me to the end. Why we write is very important and it has been something I have worked through for the past few weeks. I know what I tell people when they ask me but is that really why I write?


I didn’t start writing to be famous

For sure, I did not get into writing to become famous. Some people do and that’s okay. There is really no wrong reason to write. I have always written stories as long as I can remember because there have always been stories in my heart.

It is strange for me in ways because having been a writer in some form for nearly twenty-one years means that the newness has faded and many times it feels like work. Honestly, doesn’t help that I do freelance writing also on the side.

But the stories are still there and I just feel a desire to write them.

Then Why am I a writer?

I write because there are worlds that need to be told and put on to paper, if not for everyone else, at least just me. I have gone back and read works that I once did and could see the world pictured in my head still. I’ve saved a world or idea from passing back into oblivion.

Being paid for what I do or being recognizes is a nice perk but not something I actually want to pursue. I just want to keep giving the characters in my head a way of getting out and telling their stories with others.

I feel strongly with the idea that “authors don’t live one life, they live hundreds.”

For Whatever Reason, just Write

In the end, the reason we authors write is our own personal question. If it’s to tell stories or just make a buck, each is valued if we respect the craft no matter the reason we’re doing it.

I will continue to write, even if I’m not well-known but I know one thing, those stories will get out and put on paper whether I like it or not. The just need to be told.

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