October Nights: 31 Tales of Hauntings and HalloweenOctober Nights: 31 Tales of Hauntings and Halloween by DeAnna Knippling
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This year I really did not get a chance to participate in any Halloween writing. Though not my favorite genre, I do enjoy writing a scary story. Still wanting to get my fix, I decided to try out Deanna Knippling’s October Nights: 31 Tales of Hauntings and Halloween. Suffice to say, I was not disappointed.
Initially not sure what to expect with a collection of flash stories (any author knows they are hard to write), I found her style and presentation of these world snippets fascinating. They hover between just an idea for a future book to a quick peek at worlds and what they could become.

Personally, my favorite was Mummy and her presentation of what could have been a “yet-another-mummy-coming-to-destroy-anything” into something that, to me, felt real and possible. They leave enough having that you don’t know quite what is going on but you see something dreadful has happened.

Ms. Knippling continues to impress especially with her Blood in Space: The Icon Mutiny and Clockwork Alice. If you’re looking for short, simple, but enthralling tales while waiting for waiting in line for your prescription (which I have done), then look no further than this book.

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