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Just a little while ago I was talking to my best friend Jessica Werner about the software that we use to write our novels. If you have been in the writing world long enough, you know there are quite a lot of options out there ranging from the simple pen and paper to the complicated and advanced Scrivener.

It dawned on me that I haven’t shared the program that I use to write my novels and novellas and why I like it. So, to rectify that mistake, here is my discussion and review of Ywriter6.

What is YWriter6?

YWriter6 is a free program designed by author Simon Haynes (the creator of the famous Hal Spacejock series) to help him write his novels. Much like me, he likes to focus on the scenes and not the chapter, and when you are writing books in the 20,000 to 50,000 range, it can become a nightmare to keep track of it all.

When I first started writing, it was known as Ywriter3, so I have been using it since Jassik Creed & The Mermaids of Emerald Lagoon.

Why YWriter6 is Robust even for Being Free

I know, free software sounds good but we all have been disappointed by the results when we run it. Ywriter6, on the other hand, meets the basics of all writing software because the author wanted to use it to write.

It has some strong features like assigning characters, locations, and items to a scene so later you can use the storyboard function and see where they are. Even the scene categories are stuffed full of features like setting the scene’s point of view, adding notes on its role in the chapter and more.

Well, what are the downside?

For me? None. That’s why I use it. But others may not like it as it’s not fancy like Scrivener with all the export features, templates but I feel that it’s a feature and not a drawback. I attempted to use Scrivener (and will be a review at a later date) and was just overwhelmed with the things that could be done.

Do you want to try it out? I highly recommend you head to Simon Hayne’s website, download a copy and give it a try. Also, why not take a shot at his Hal Spacejock series. At the writing of this blog, his novel A Robot named Clunk is free on Amazon.com!

Why not tell me about your specific program and what you like to use in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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Yep…Creativity has a limit and I found it.

I had a strange and ill feeling when I finished The Bastion at the Edge of the Universe, and I did not like what it boded. I remember putting together the last of the Ebook, staring at the screen as it uploaded to Draft2Digital and said to myself. “I’m burnt out.”

There. I said it. Words that, once spoke, make me exhausted and sick feeling. I feel like every ounce of creativity has been drained and then some. It had gotten so rough that I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the next story and even begin typing. This blog is a struggle to get done.

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The Bastion at the Edge of the Universe – Released!

Gosh, I love to write.

I also know that I’m stating the obvious but as I sit back and look at the new novella I release, I can’t say that I don’t enjoy the satisfaction of going from 0 to complete. There is just something about seeing my work out there and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

That being said, I am happy to announce the release of The Bastion at the Edge of The Universe, a pulp influenced story that I started back in 2014 on the now-defunct Jukepop series website and finally got completed (cause the story needed to be completed).

You can, of course, find them in their usual spot through the universal book link or on smashwords.com.

I would love to hear your input even if you don’t like it. I can’t improve unless I get feedback and even if you read it and don’t say anything, I appreciate you taking the time to download it.


Apocalypse Orphan (2016) – A Review

Apocalypse Orphan (The Fractured Earth Saga Book 1)Apocalypse Orphan by Tim Allen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thanks to the great people at Book Tasters, I was given a copy of Apocalypse Orphan by Tim Allen to read and review. Suffice to say there were a lot of ups and down about this book that I’m going to cover. First though, one of the biggest things I wanted to note is how much work the author put into a 100,000 plus book, and it shows.

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A Simple Guide: Bitcoin – Released!

A Simple Guide: Bitcoin

I love computers, anyone who knows me can attest to that. With my first initial introduction to bitcoin back in 2015, I decided to take my experience and write a simple guide to Bitcoin and how it actually works.


So, I am happy to introduce to you A Simple Guide: Bitcoin.

The purpose of this book is not to teach you how to get rich quick or give you a technical breakdown of the entire bitcoin exchange and market but to provide you a simple and easy-to-read introduction to the entire concept. I cover multiple things from the dangers of bitcoin to how it actually works (without the complicated cryptographic algorithms).

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