It had not taken Phasia long to get used to the unique sound the Icarus made as it moved through the void wrapped in a protective shell of real space. The FTL used warping technology that created a safe field inside while allowing the vessel to break the Einstein barrier of light speed.

Alone and in the lower aft section of the Tereshkova class command frigate, Phasia sat cross-legged on the steel-paneled floor staring out the large porthole that gave a view of the outside and the left pulse engine. They were presently cold having no need to run while traversing through warped space. She knew from experience they would be heated up when they got near exiting and that wouldn’t be for another two months.

For Phasia Eshevet, the world had frozen and the outside did not exist. The pain and haunting that existed outside in real space could not pierce the invisible wall that sealed them in. The vessel followed the same pattern through the morning, noon, and night. Nothing could get to her.

The ship rumbled ever so slightly as the FTL drive re-calibrated the field and shifted energy into its dampeners. They would come out of warp in a few days to clear the capacitors before jumping again.

Phasia’s life had gone from bustling with activity, smuggling cargo across the Placid cluster to sitting in jail waiting to be deported to a prison colony. A place she knew would not be good for her kind. In essence, Sinclair Barret, the annoyingly stiff captain, had saved her.

Phasia chuckled. ‘Stiff.’

The Nihisian never thought of herself as a good person or one that someone would trust. Humans and other species have always had the wrong opinion of her kind. They had a short lifespan and were very open and sex-positive culture. To the crude Terran, that meant a whore.

Her small nose crinkled up in disgust at a few fleeting memories of being propositioned or offers to work one of the strip clubs that seemed to exist on every military outpost.

Sinclair did not treat her like that and it was strange. Never had a human ever shown her a different side. It was weird to be treated politely and not as a toy and the fact that he seemed to be trusting her added on to it. Sinclair Barrett actually had her teaching and training Earth Alliance officers. What did he see in her that made him trust her? Because she did not see it.

The vessel vibrated again and Phasia stood. It was time to move before the 3rd shift found her there. The ship was small. Nothing was empty forever.

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