I had a strange and ill feeling when I finished The Bastion at the Edge of the Universe, and I did not like what it boded. I remember putting together the last of the Ebook, staring at the screen as it uploaded to Draft2Digital and said to myself. “I’m burnt out.”

There. I said it. Words that, once spoke, make me exhausted and sick feeling. I feel like every ounce of creativity has been drained and then some. It had gotten so rough that I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the next story and even begin typing. This blog is a struggle to get done.

With that, I’m going to have to adjust my schedule cause I can’t keep up with it any longer. Don’t get me wrong; it is quite satisfying to finish a book and uploaded it. I got tickled when the first few purchases trickled in the next day but the pressure inside of me is keeping me from moving on to the next one, and I’m concerned that I lost my enjoyment of writing. I fear that if that happens, one of the few hobbies that I have left that I like will be gone.

So, from this point on, I’m getting rid of the schedule that I have been discussing and will be releasing books as soon as I can. I’m going to keep developing them, but I need to give myself enough breaks to re-charge the creative batteries. A lot is going on in my world outside of writing that is a massive amount of stress, and I have to cut something somewhere.

No, I’m not done writing. I still plan to release the books that were on my schedule and continue to develop new ideas, but I can’t crank them out like clockwork as much as I loved doing it.

Has anyone else ever felt like this or found a way to keep their creativity up while continually producing work? Let me know in the comment sections. Want to know when the next book is scheduled to come out before everyone else? Why not join my newsletter. This spam free email will keep you up with what is going on in my writing world and also what to expect, when.

See you on the Internet!

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