Authors, you may have experienced this but nothing flares my irritation than someone who says “Oh, a writer? It’s pretty easy, I just don’t have time to do it.” or it’s variations. Am I about to rant? More than likely.

I find it very interesting how many people truly don’t understand what writers and authors do. I have the opportunity of doing both, a freelance writer who writes blog posts, listicles, and articles for companies and an author who writes stories and novellas. They are two totally separate jobs and they still make me sweat blood and tears.

I read an article somewhere that the perception of writers (I’m now using the word interchangeably) is from the movies and TV where we are either drunks or on the verge of depression and that is the only way to write or it’s just easy to plop down, write a story and make millions.

I had one mentee of mine get upset when I pointed out that they couldn’t just write a novel, publish it, and it would just bring in money. This job sucks but we love it anyhow.

I’m pretty off the reservation with my thoughts all over the place. Still trying to bounce back from my lost hard drive and, in a way, these rants help give me a bit more energy. I’m still writing, which is the big thing. My biggest concern is just stopping.

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Thanks so much for reading!

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