The Time ProbeThe Time Probe by Victor Bertolaccini
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I stumbled upon Time Probe by V. Bertolaccini while perusing As it is my go to site for indie author books, I like to keep up with what is going out there. The long blurb and cover were very interesting and I decided to give this book a whirl. Like many indie books, this one has its positive points and drawbacks.

The story is a very interesting twist of time where it does not focus on a specific time period for the entirety of the book. We range from the modern times to the future with each of the threads being connected together near the end. I actually enjoyed the story and trying to figure out what the mysterious object was and found it an enjoyable part of the story.

The challenges to the story was the writing style. There are many paragraphs in the story that could be easily simplified to say the same thing and still be poignant. It was also hard to relate to a lot of the characters as they were merely names with little to know background.

One thing that really jumped out at me is that there is a point of the story where a character mentions a city cataclysmic event going on but it was the first time the reader has heard of it and was said in passing as if creatures rampaging through cities were commonplace.

Overall, it was a good story and though it was a bit of work to get through, I think V. Bertolaccini has provided a solid piece of storytelling.

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