As a freelance writer, I write quite a bunch of things. This document you are reading is one of my pieces that was written and then stolen by me by someone claiming to be an Ann Tilen (believed to be a fake name) by not paying for the document as promised. If you received this from a company or person, it is stolen work. Either take it down or reach out to me to purchase the rights. Thanks.

Skin. It is the secret of looking young no matter how many years have gone by. There are many markets out there about skin care, how to reduce wrinkles and all sorts of other anti aging techniques. But the secret is not just what product is bought but what you do to take care of it.

There are quite a few easy to use treatments that can help keep your skin looking young and fresh. The key ingredient in many anti aging creams is retinol. No skin care market should be without this important substance. If your cream has it in there, you are already on your way to younger, healthier skin. Retinol is a form of vitamin A that helps your skin remain elastic and thus reduces wrinkles from appearing.

Another great oil that no skin care regimen should be without is organic sesame oil. The rich, oil can reduce wrinkles safely and easily because your skin loves the components found in the oil. Rose oil is another that not only allows the skin to heal, the soft aroma helps add a beautiful fragrance to your skin care routine.

One of the best, sure-fire ways to reduce wrinkles is to get your favorite moisturizer from your local drug store, wash your face and put in on before bed. It allows the oils to rehydrate and to clean away all the dead skin that accumulates through the day. It also allows the skin care to do its job without interfering with your day to day business.

There are just some of the great ways you can reduce wrinkles and have better skin care. If you are already doing these anti aging techniques then you are a long way ahead of all those who have yet to begin. Great job!

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