Welcome to the official page of Jonathan J. Snyder. A freelance writer by profession and an author by choice, Jonathan has spent much of his life creating different worlds and characters among the science fiction and Fantasy worlds of his creating.

In these pages, you can explore the worlds at your heart’s content. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to him! He’s more than happy to talk and answer questions. His wife cannot get him to shut up some days.

I’m only here for the Stories

…if that is true, then you are a very smart internet surfer. Here on this website are the works of Jonathan J Snyder and you can find what sort of adventures are in store for you when you click the story tab above.

Happy reading!


From the heights of the caffeine high to the lows of floors and under furniture comes the tales of Jonathan Snyder. These good stories are forged with love and obsession, destined to keep the author from going insane. Supported on his quest by a beautiful princess who became his wife and two fierce warrior children who remind daddy that there is the world to take on.

The United States trembles with their presence as the Snyder Empire storms on.